E-commerce Coach Tip & Poetry: Settings & Wendell Berry’s “The Farmer, Speaking of Monuments”

Tip: Review your e-commerce software settings in detail. It’s how you communicate everything from store hours, to pickup times, to receipts, return and privacy policies and more. There’s dozens of opportunities to run operations smoothly, and market yourself within the sales process by thinking creatively, like adding links to your gift certificates in your receipts. This is how you make the software work to your best advantage saving time and hopefully driving more income.

And when it’s all to much or you feel the need to up your game, let’s talk.

I often read Wendell Berry in the summer while in a nature. I flipped to the back of the book and chose to start there this year. With everything going on this poem jumped right out at me.

Poetry: Farming (A Hand Book) by Wendell Berry, “The Farmer, Speaking of Monuments”

Always, on their generation’s breaking wave,
men think to be immortal in the world,
as though to leap from water and stand
in the air were simple for a man. But the farmer
knows no work or act of his can keep him
here. He remains in what he serves
by vanishing in it, becoming what he never was.
He will not be immortal in words.
All his sentences serve an art of the commonplace,
to open the body of a woman or a field
to take him in. His words all turn
to leaves, answering the sun with mute
quick reflections. Leaving their seed, his hands
have had a million graves, from which wonders
rose, bearing him no likeness. At Summer’s
height he is surrounded by green, his
doing, standing for him, awake and orderly.
In autumn, all his monuments fall.

With monuments falling in our country and around the world, Internet Farmer hopes for it to stand for something new. Something better. Something we can all be proud of.