Sea Change Yoga

Project: Sea Change Yoga was approaching their annual fundraiser Yogathon, a day long event full of 100 people doing yoga together. They approached me to at e-commerce to the site and make a few site changes because they were out of time and needed it done right the first time.

Platforms: SquareSpace.com, Stripe Payments

Notes: It was an honor to work for this small and loving organization. Trama informed yoga and meditation couldn’t be a better gift.

COVID-19 Pandemic caused them to switch their Yogathon to video by Zoom where over 300 people attended. I am honored to have been there to see them turn the tide of a doomed fundraiser in to a huge success amid very strange times.

Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative

Project: MFSC was making a pitch for the UMaine Food System food contract. The first cooperative ever to make such a pitch. The task was to launch a community building website, quickly, where they could also accept payment for donations and cooperative membership.

Platforms: NationBuilder.com, PayPal

Notes: Using NationBuilder was a great strategy to get running quickly with powerful back-end tools that are great for membership campaigning.

Internet Farmer also produced this excellent video used for marketing thanks to the talent of Videographer Joe Brunnette and Editor Patrick Bonsant.

New Roots Cooperative Farm

Project: I was their part-time Marketing Coordinator that year, with funding through the Cooperative Development Institute. This was a previously existing website where we wanted to add e-commerce at no cost to accept 100 CSA payments with little effort.

Platforms: WordPress, Google Docs, PayPal.

Notes: It was an honor to work with Somali. I got to work with the 4 owners and their families meeting their children both young and grown up. My recommendation to you… if you get the chance eat a Sombusa. You can get one in Lewiston on Lisbon St or from Isuken Cooperative Food Truck.


Project: In the early days of the Portland Food Co-op (2008), they were a food buying club of 15 people who sat in a room raising hands to fill 50# bags of flour or a case of canned tomato. After a fellow e-commerce foody programmer joined the group, we joined to write this software to aid in the growth of PFC. In the end, we made it a business that began in 2010 and still serves buying clubs today.

Platforms: WordPress for the website, PHP for the software.

Notes: This has ended up being a very small but meaningful business. It is our honor to have created something people still use today and it can be used by consumers and farmers alike.

Homegrown Herb & Tea

Project: A rare gem of an experience in Portland, Maine is now a regular stop for all locals and tourists offering a special vibe and service. Homegrown has offered tea for sale online for about 15 years doing in-store pickup as well as shipping around the US. ZenCart was chosen as Internet Farmer’s solution.

Platforms: Internet Farmer Hosting/Coaching Package, ZenCart, PayPal

Notes: ZenCart is open-source software allowing for total customization, but is also powerful enough for doing business globally out of the box.

Sarah’s tea is absolutely fantastic. Her selections of seasonal creations and a huge offering of both traditional and custom blends is second to none. Besides being online having tea in her shop is unforgettable.