A Demonstration of Zen Cart Shopping Cart for Farmers

The following is a basic demonstration of a local-food-oriented shopping system for online ordering followed by in-person pickup.  An add-on module is available if you manage multiple pickup locations.

The design may be different on your shopping cart, but these functions are basically the same.

First we setup your products and categories and producers through simple forms like this in the shopping cart manager


If you have added our Multi-Location module,
you’ll setup all of your pickup locations


When you are open for shopping, people easily
browse the site and add products to their cart as they go.


As they shop, things are added to their shopping cart


While the customer goes through the checkout process,
they are asked for a pickup location (if you use that module)


After confirming their order, a shopper gets an email receipt


After the order is closed, you can easily
view and edit customer’s orders if you need to


Print paper receipts for customers or you use
them as part of your order distribution process


With a special add-on for Zen Cart from Apsona, you can access all the information you need for operations.  Pick sheets, order sheets, and the ability to import/export of all your data (customers,products, etc)