Basic WordPress/Website Support Service

Do you struggle with WordPress or your website but still want to do it yourself?

Do you often wish someone could easily lay out some options and simplify the computer-speak so you can get something done?

Are you at the end of your rope with one thing here or there?

You likely know how to use WordPress, or whatever website software you use, but need a hand sometimes.

Or maybe you need to do some planning with an expert, or learn about website tech.

You’d like an expert to reach out to.

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

I keep it simple… $100/mo and you get

  • Two(2) 45-minute phone or video calls every month
  • Direct access to text, email or call any time
  • Resources for anything you need
  • The WOM (Website Operation Manual)

Unused phone/video sessions carry forward 6 months.

After 30 years of doing this, here are just a few topics we could talk about.


Analysis & Recommendations
Sending HTML emails
Improving Email Strategy
Analytics & Reporting of KPIs
Posting to Social Media
Mapping/creating processes
Increase Email Subscribers
Podcasting & Blogging
Local Search


Product Bundles
Gift Cards
Coupons & Discounts
Product Recommendations
Points & Rewards
Dynamic Pricing
In stock notifications
Product Variations
Add a chatbot that can sell
Upsell at Checkout
QR Codes


Basic SEO & Consultation
Email Journeys
Auto-Post to Social Media
Process Automation
Website Integrations
Video & Audio Production
A/B Page Testing
Click Funnels
Affiliate & Referral Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to go?

If you still have questions or are ready to go, make an appointment or contact me directly.