E-Commerce Coach Tip: Gift Certificates

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Hi I’m Jeremy Bloom, Internet Farmer. I’ve been thinking about Gift Certificates.

One of the greatest gifts of e-commerce is the ever-present Gift Certificate. It’s in just about every shopping cart I’ve ever seen, or has been a module that was easily added in.

It’s all managed by the shopping cart. It’s both a product, and a method of payment. It has proven to be a big help to most businesses since it both spreads the word of your business with the generosity of a gift, and in so many cases people never redeem them making them helpful financially.

One of my favorite parts is how it levels the playing field. Traditional retail spend a lot of money on physical cards and systems to market to customers and track them. Here, you get that same functionality with little to no effort you just add it to your product offering.

Some may call it farm credit, which is fine. You may need to change some language in your shopping cart but otherwise same thing. It’s all so easy I highly recommend making this part of your e-commerce offering.

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