Exciting Technology – Convo.com

A private Facebook for discussions with collegues.  A task and project manager.  Does anyone need much more? 🙂

It’s called Convo.com and I encourage using it to organize and work with people.

Seriously, this is an awesome tool.  It is unfortunate that to prove this point we need to get all of us on there, or at least a handful to get the conversation going, for anyone to actually “see” that it is as awesome as I see it.

I started with a simple thought… Facebook + Project/Task Management.  Here’s how that breaks down…

It’s facebook in the sense of “like” and how you have conversations.  The interface is the same.  It’s awesome and easy.  Think about it… ongoing discussions about work, or in this case ‘food organizing’ that you can keep going back to and reference.  People love facebook because it merges email, chat and photos and lots more all in to one spot.  This is a bit dryer, but the same idea.  It’s just easier than managing tons of emails, chats with no meaning or history, and discussions that are often good but trail off to never be seen again.

The Project/Task Management is a simple added piece.  By making a group, like maybe the folks I work with at the Portland Food Council, we could all talk on our own schedules as well as manage the projects we work on together.  And all in a separate place than our private lives on Facebook.

For the record, Facebook is annoying to me.  It’s cool and really brings up interesting social ideas, but it’s just another thing to sit and look at on the computer that is often less important than being outside or talking with a friend or reading a book.  But I digress as I usually do… Convo.com is a tool, not a place to hang out.

It is the combination of these two things that make it work oriented.  It’s free for us organizers and I encourage at least trying it out.  And if you do, let’s work together!  I’m chomping at the bit to see if this gets any legs in a world where we organizers have to look at 50 other sites for 20 different reasons.  I certainly don’t want it to be yet another site to deal with.  I’d like to see it be “the” site for exchange of ideas.

Please share your thoughts and I hope you enjoy the brain stretch.