Internet Farmer helps busy farmers and food businesses handle their E-commerce with ease and speed.

COVID-19 Response
(Free E-Commerce Coaching through June 2020)

And how exactly does one do that?

Through E-commerce Coaching we talk concepts and plan the work. We know farming and can offer feedback on various directions to go in with your technology choices. Even if we just talk once, the point is to get you off and running in the right direction whether you are just getting started or adding to what you currently do. Learn more about E-commerce Coaching or schedule your session today.

Through E-commerce Production Services it’s more hands on. Doing the work. Updating products, uploading and/or taking product photos, design improvements, technology setup, connecting payment systems, testing, troubleshooting and more. Whatever it is, it’s likely a one-time task we would love to do for you instead of it taking your whole day.