Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) – We have until December 15 to comment

We have until December 15 to comment on the re-proposed FSMA Produce Rule and Preventive Controls Rule from FDA.

Here’s a brief synopsis, what to do, and why you might want to take this action…

Where is this at right now? (as of this writing on 12/9/14)

FSMA was written in to law in 2011 and it is now up to the FDA to define the rules that farms must follow.  Traditionally they ask for public comment and write the rules and BOOM… done, that’s it, rule is written.

In this case, they did the first round, and this is the re-proposed rules we are now commenting on.  I’m told a 2nd round is quite rare, so this feels fantastic to get this rare chance to comment knowing that the FDA is actually listening and seems motivated to write good law.

What to do…

  1. Read the FSMA One-pager, and learn more about how things effect you, and what you may wish to comment on.  This page has a bit more detail and extremely helpful in helping you define what is going on.
  2. Go to CLF’s Website and you can fill out your comments that they will submit for you.
  3. Share this with YOUR networks… anyone in the US!

** IMPORTANT… each comment must be unique so be sure to make some kind of change or your comment will not be counted.

** ALSO IMPORTANT… there’s a lot here to dive in to, and to touch on every issue is a little too much for most of us(including me!).  if you have no idea what to do, go to CLF’s website with the link in #2, make a slight change to the template you’ll find there and submit.  that’s it!

Why do you care about FSMA and taking this action?

Because if you are reading this message, you are a part of what I’ve learned to call the Terra Madre (Mother Earth) network.  YOU have a voice in our nation’s major policies to help shape FDA rules that may hurt small farms.  YOU care about our US Food System.

This is a moment where your voice really matters and it’s worth taking 30 minutes of your time, and promoting to your personal networks.

A bit more on where this network comes from…