I know how frustrating the world of computers and shopping carts can be. Somehow this became my super power, and I hope it can bring peace to those I work with.


Jeremy Bloom loves food and farming, and is also an E-commerce software nerd of over 25 years. What brings Internet Farmer to life is his desire to help busy farmers and food business owners with the headaches that can come from working online. After many years of shopping carts and product catalogs in the growth of technology, if there’s anything in this world Bloom has to offer it’s how to make a website work FOR you, not against you.

After living in New York City’s east village for about 8 years during the dot-com boom, Jeremy came to Maine in 2004 to slow it down and seek a quieter life. Bringing his clients with him it was a smooth transition to Maine.

In 2008 the market crashed and clients stopped work on their websites. In a bit of a crisis with no income, Jeremy worked on a friends’ farm where he learned about small organic farming. It changed his point of view on the world, and the food we eat, and it felt good to be physically tired at the end of the day doing some manual labor instead of being at the screen all day every day. 

That time pushed him forward to rename as Internet Farmer focusing on farms, and join a small 15-person buying club in Portland, Maine where he co-created BuyingClubSoftware.com. That buying club grew and today it is now the Portland Food Co-op, and other co-ops around the world use the software for the same purposes. In the 2010s, Bloom worked with many around Maine both volunteering in community and working with organizations and farms. The growth of BuyingClubSoftware.com also put him in touch globally as the number of food clubs we serviced increased. 

In recent years Bloom has worked directly with farms as a marketing coordinator and sales rep. In each roll there was an online component but these jobs were more about being part of the food system doing wholesale work while also reaching out to customers on behalf of clients. Helping customers taste product, helping farmers get orders together, helping make the connection between farmer and eater, which is truly the bottom line of Bloom’s work.

Today, Bloom has re-invented Internet Farmer as a Coaching & Production Services, which was something pondered in the winter of 2019. He has always coached people through his work, but not as an offering itself. And during the development of the new direction, along came the COVID-19 pandemic and now everyone needs E-commerce. 

Now focusing on his niche he’s poised to help more people than ever with love and joy for the subject matter and the tools. After finding great spirituality and seeking in this last decade of life, many moments have led to this one and he is glad to be here.

Jeremy currently lives in Lewiston, ME where he is a live-in landlord with his cat. When he is not working he’s likely on a farm, a meditation cushion, a recipe, a bike, a hiking/skiing trail or the computer.