E-commerce Coaching Sessions

What exactly is E-Commerce Coaching?

Jeremy Bloom provides one-on-one coaching by Zoom, or any other device you may prefer. You will schedule a session here online and come to your session guns-a-blazing with questions to get answered, resources you want to look at, and things like login information to review anything together.

Of course it depends on where you are in your process as to what we discuss, but here’s some things we might do in coaching…

  • Talking out things you’ve been mulling over
  • Make diagrams of work-flow and order taking online
  • Figuring out the best software for your online sales, possibly even looking at it together
  • You may learn the technologies that make life a little easier in your online selling
  • Talk about how to get you selling online with whatever websites and processors you already use
  • Future marketing techniques to compliment online sales automation
  • To ask Jeremy any question, or vent any software issue

Whatever your concern or pain-point we plow through the hour covering as much as we can and coming up with next steps or leave it at that.

The point of E-commerce Coaching is to help you make great decisions. Jeremy has over 25 years experience in E-commerce and 10 years on farms and in kitchens giving you someone who already knows some of your business and is here to bring you E-commerce however that comes.