Slow Money Maine Gathering 2015

The topic for this year’s day-long gathering was Food Hubs.

Jeremy was asked to facilitate discussions about Emerging Technologies in Food Hubs.  The topics unfortunately did not unearth “food hub technology” that we all thought might be there, but it was certainly an interesting discussion covering everything from phone Apps to food sovereignty to getting farmers in northern Maine a better Internet connection making it possible to do business from the farm.

One thing we learned is that most in food hubs and pretty much all food projects are still seeking technologies to help them succeed. Internet Farmer hopes to help in the process of matching logistics and technology to support our local/regional food systems.

Speaking of logistics, here’s a Tedx talk from Michael Rozyne CEO of Red Tomato. His philosophy is right on by inserting value in to our food chain, and that it is all about logistics to create our new path. This video was especially great to reflect on given that their Executive Director was the keynote speaker for the day.  The company is clearly getting it right as far as we can see.


Slow Money Maine

Red Tomato