I am Krazy for Kombucha

Meridith Goad, food writer for the Portland Press Herald, wrote an article on Kombucha a few days ago and it inspired me to share this food.

Kombucha, a fermented tea, is new for me, and I love it. Tea and water are great, but Kombucha goes the extra mile.  Sweet, tart, a little fizz, and heathy drink for your insides.  And it’s becoming popular here in Portland to the point where a few local brewers are popping up.

For me, the best part of liking this drink is learning to make it myself.  You can make gallons of it yourself at home quite easily, instead of paying $4/8oz jar in the store.

It has been a fun science experiment to learn how to make it to my specific taste, and my replacement to the many commercial soft drinks I used to drink.  And lately it always comes up in conversation, so it’s great for parties. (insert bad joke)

For even more detail, check out Wikipedia.

Happy Fermenting!

Do you brew?  What and how do you brew?  Please share by leaving comments.