Mainer's Can Get Green Electricity

I’m usually wanting to stick to web technologies, online marketing and food in this blog, but I’m inclined to share one small way we can do our part and feel better about the energy we use everyday.

If you live in Maine, we have an option to change where you get your electricity from.  Here is a link to get you started:

It will take a bit of energy to sign up and finalize the change in service providers, but it’s worth knowing that my energy is not from coal or nuclear sources.

I tried to do this years ago, and the process was too cumbersome. Then after I moved to where I am now almost 2 years ago I tried again and succeeded.  Something seems to have changed, and it was not any more time consuming than filling out your average application form and following up to make sure that your CMP bill made the change in where the power comes from.

Now that it’s done, I live knowing that even as I work in my home office all day, it’s green.

Is your electricity green?  Have any experiences to share?  Please comment below!