Free Newspaper Venture Depends on Local Blogs –

Free Newspaper Venture Depends on Local Blogs –

In pondering the idea of printing various blogs in a newspaper format, I think it fits quite well and has great potential for the local paper business, but also for any marketer.  Personally, I would rather stick to something electronic that isn’t consuming paper, but that’s another story for another blog!

Back to what this idea means to me in marketing…

I could see any industry expert, company or locality, all creating a paper-versions of topic-specific blogs to suit just about any business plan.

  • A consultant in medical technology compiles blog posts from his industry as a part of his sales kit.
  • A company publishes something internally for employees who may not be interested in reading everything online.
  • A free local paper in need of something different publishes blogs about that location where they do more editing than writing.
  • Heck, as a birthday present, I’m sure you could create a fun birthday news-blog-paper with some topic that amuses you and your friends.

The idea translates to just about any topic, and you can have fun with it, or take it more seriously.  Obviously, you don’t want to use a blog post about the kid who’s underpants ended up at the top of the flagpole in your business’s newsletter, or do you? 🙂

In the bigger picture, compiling just about anything from the Internet is a great way to deal with marketing in many cases. For those who are not avid writers, but are interested learners interested in sharing what they learn, a newsletter or blog could be entirely based on someone else’s writings.  You, in turn, are creating a “lens”, or niche to the marketers out there, for your audience to enjoy.  To me, where the Internet is a vast hole of information, a little focus helps us all.  And if you choose to print it for off-line consumption, I think that’s great too. (but please use recycled paper!

How would you approach the blog-paper idea?  Please leave comments below.