Marketing & Coaching


A website is a valuable marketing tool for any business.

Using that website as more than a traditional printed brochure is unique to this medium.  And marketing your business is  more than just having a website.

Merging the marketing and back-end of your business, along with telling your authentic story, is what Internet Farmer does.

Here’s the types of services often provided in this realm:

  • Creating an authentic story line
  • Choosing ways to put that story line out to your audience
  • Adjusting your website to provide smoother day to day operations
  • Feedback on your marketing message
  • How your website implements your marketing and business strategy
  • Should you be selling online and how might that be done
  • How to get more website traffic
  • Media development of audio, video & writing
  • Social Media strategies and development
  • Website design and development
  • Setup of shopping software & payment systems
  • Finding the right software and human process to run and market your business