IF Zen Shopping Cart

An online shopping system made for selling locally


IF Zen Shopping Cart is a customized version of the Open-Source ‘Zen Cart’. Customer’s shop online, and they receive a receipt after completing checkout like they would from any website, and you have all the tools to fulfill their orders with ease.

Features of the IF Zen Shopping Cart Service:

  • Full setup, education and training on how to use this shopping cart – unlimited phone and email support for the software, as well as consulting on any element of processes you are looking to improve
  • Easy online ordering for your customers/members
  • Take credit cards online, or at pickup
  • Easily put your products online through a web page or uploading spreadsheets
  • Pick-sheets to fill and deliver your orders
  • Customer information can be easily exported for using 3rd party software to manage customers, send email, or whatever else you may need
  • Receipts and Invoices by email and print
  • Inventory Management (when you run out of inventory, display no product or “out of stock”)
  • Multi-location Add-on let’s customers choose a pickup location as they checkout, and the store owner can then sort orders by pickup location. (add-on – see below)

A note on accepting payments online…
If you want to take online payments through credit cards or PayPal, you certainly can. Some don’t to avoid the bank fees and the additional accounting procedures in their daily life, and some do because it streamlines their business.   Whether you do accept online payments or not, we can help you make it work.


  • $99/month, no setup fee

A note about our cost…

We have tinkered with pricing over the years, trying to balance our own needs with farmers and organizers who generally have very little funding to work with. The traditional setup fees associated with setting up e-commerce websites ($1,500-2,500) often cause more angst than we feel it is worth among folks who do good work in our food system.  As of 2013 we have removed our setup fee, which for us is a big risk due to the amount of time it can take to setup software, train you how to use it, and in most cases consult on how to function within your daily business.  For us, this is our business-way of putting positive feelings out in the universe so we can help do this important work without the stresses of money that often come with large setup fees.

Click Here for a Demo of IF Zen Shopping Cart!