10 Tips to Build Website Traffic

NY Times had a nice article today listing 10 tips to building website traffic. As an online marketing specialist, this is the basic idea no matter who you are or what business you are in. Maybe you are a larger company that can spend more on advertising to grow traffic, but overall online success is brought by doing these types of activities.


Did you learn anything new? Is this list depressing because you realized it’s a lot of work?  Or is there success you have found from exactly these techniques?  Tell me your stories!

New Google Sitemap Tool

While reading searchengine.com, I found that Google has launched a new sitemap creator.  Why should anyone care?

First, a quick definition…

A sitemap is a file located on your website’s server that is hidden from public view, but can be accessed by Google so it can easily see all the pages you want it to see.  It’s the best way to communicate every page on your site to google, and guarantee they see it as YOU intend them to.  You can create this file by hand, with a piece of random software, or use Google’s software.

For “website marketing best practices”, you should have a sitemap, it has to be right, and Google probably knows how to generate a sitemap for their own search engine.  And to be a super-geek, a server-based program can automatically do all the work for you when your site changes daily, or just time to time.

Another tool is sitemap.org.  They have been around for a while, and is a more general sitemap builder so there is no allegance to Google specifically.

There are also a number of Mac/PC programs that do this job as well.  For clients with more static websites, I use Mac-based Rage Google Sitemap Creator.

Interested in learning more?  Contact me, or go check it out for yourself!