Project Review: the Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative


mfscscreenClient: Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative (MFSC)


Projects: Discovery, Website Setup & Development; E-commerce Setup & Integration; Content Development & Implementation; Video Direction & Implementation; Media Production; Campaign Strategy & Development; Website Architecture


Welcome to the nation’s first cooperative institutional dining service.  Which, is the first time ever to challenge the 3 global providers of such services.  If they win the USM contract, they will be expanding the local economy in a way never seen before.  Internet Farmer has worked with these people for years and it was a pleasure to engage in a campaign to change Maine’s economy.

At first, we had to develop a lot of content quickly for the launch of the service at the release of the USM Request for Proposal.  In about 6 weeks Jonah put together a marketing team and we developed website content and ideas for how to run a campaign online.  We also wrote a video script and shot the video to tell the story of MFSC.  It was a busy 6 weeks.

Once the content was developed for the website we dove in to  This is a site building tool, but also a CRM software, e-commerce mechanism and campaign management.  Internet Farmer was impressed at how it all worked.  It was easy to get payments going, setup a template for a nice looking website, totally connected to social media, and you could see the world was at your fingertips as we added information to the system.

This is Obama-level campaign software, a game changer in fundraising and community building.  And it’s available to anyone for as low as $30/mo.  A great tool if you want to build a world around you and have it be organized and manageable.  It was such a good experience Internet Farmer is becoming a developer to further our work in food justice.

After launching we’ve seen the CRM work really well.  It automatically tags people based on being a member, a non-paying supporter, volunteer, etc.  As the campaign moves down the line, we’ll also use the automatic tagging to track referrals so we can see who is raising the most funds and growing the membership in order to develop those relationships.

Sending emails has been easy.  To whatever list, or sublist, you wish.  So easy.

Setting up the payment system was one of the easiest experiences I’ve had.  We used PayPal and connected it to NationBuilder and it was all set.  It has plenty of options to work with anyone’s commerce setup.

Internet Farmer is thankful for being a part of this project.  A first director credit reminded us of how awesome producing media is to tell a story.  Learning was a gift.  And being a part of a big team working for something great couldn’t feel better.

Speaking of the first director credit and story telling, here’s the video we put together… thanks so much to Joseph Brunnett (videography) and Patrick Bonsant (editor) for their incredible work on the video.  And cheers to everyone on the marketing team who all contributed ideas and logistical planning to make this come to life.  This was truly a team effort and I am so thankful for the opportunity.

Project Review: – Conservation Law Foundation


legalservicesfoodhubscreenClient: Conservation Law Foundation (CLF)


Projects: Website Architecture; Design Guidance & Implementation; WordPress Blog Strategy & Implementation


This summer we got to work with CLF to improve a website for a service they coordinate focused on food hubs in New England.  The site is a connector for food hubs looking for legal advice and guidance through a cultivated network of lawyers interested in working pro-bono to help get them started.

As with many websites there was a lot of information, and the first version of the site had a tough time offering people easy access to all the site had to offer.  The basic site/business info, how to get help, how to become part of the lawyer network… it’s a lot to organize so anyone can “consume” what you have to offer.  Mapping out websites like this also give us a physical representation of the site, offering groups a simple way to communicate about complicated communications.  For me to work with them, and for them to work within their organization.

Through mapping out the website, and analyzing how the site would be used going forward, we then worked with CFL to develop a design and WordPress function that would take the now-well-organized website and display it all to the user in a simple way, as well as make it an easy site to update for CLF.

There was also back-end website processes that weren’t quite how they wanted it to work.  Through customizing forms and improving how emails were put together within WordPresss, CLF was able to connect people faster and smoother than before.  They could use email filtering/forwarding to move things along more automatically.

Thanks to CLF for working with us.  Their work is so important and Internet Farmer was thrilled to do work and food justice all in one project.

Buying Clubs Make Bigger Strides in Seattle, WA

We found this new buying club that wanted to launch a COSTCO-like offering, but with better food from good sources, and as direct as possible.

We support this kind of thing, and recommend it.  It is both our business, and political action, to help make this happen.  We wish them the best of luck in succeeding.

Making Local Food Easier

We wanted to let everyone know that recently our handy work was featured in a Portland Press Herald article.

The piece, titled Soup to Nuts: In Maine, eating local just keeps getting easier, discusses several ways people can get local foods onto their dinner table. Among them are a new business called Clara Burke Kitchen and none other than our client, Cape Farms’ Market.

Cape Farms’ Market is currently utilizing our Zen Cart for Farmers product which allows them to sell farm-fresh produce online and organize distrobution to several locations. While the article makes no direct mention of Internet Farmer as a business, we’re content knowing that we’re making it easier for farmers and customers to connect.

In the end, it’s all about fostering and bolstering the local food system and we’re excited to be a part of it.

CapeSopo Market Makes Press Herald – And so did the Internet Farmer

A couple days ago, a new client of the Internet Farmer made news for the work we are doing together.  Yay for them, and yay for us!


If you are interested in our system that does this, please see our E-Commerce service page.